Spillerforeningen Fifpro points out that coronakrisen can take hard on the players, who are far away from home.

the Vast majority of the european soccer leagues have been suspended in about a month’s time as a result of the global coronakrise, and it can be a difficult time for many players, for example, there are sent home by their clubs.

It points out The International Spillerforening (Fifpro) in an interview with Reuters Television.

Mental health is a major area of focus, says secretary general of Fifpro Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, and continues:

the Studies through the years show that there are elevated risks of anxiety and various psychological problems for the players compared with the general population, because it is a tense and insecure employment for most of them, and this makes it worse.

It is not the least difficult for players who reside in other countries far away from their families.

– Many young individuals have to fend for themselves far away from their homeland. They often have no family support in these countries, and many of them have literally one-year contracts.

– It creates a significant uncertainty as to whether or not they have any form of income at the end of the season, says Jonas Baer-Hoffmann.

None of the biggest leagues in Europe have put an exact date on when they intend to resume the season.

most leagues hope to be able to play the season finished by extending the season completely for July or august. In many places it is probably for the empty grandstands.