Football is a true reflection. Now, the coronacrisis the way all the way to lam it, the wereldvoetbalbond, FIFA for some of the key decisions to be taken. When you resume the championships,, and what about the players who are starting on the 30th of June, no contract to sign anymore? The Italian newspaper, La Gazetta dello Sport, the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, that the spelerscontracten a plan is put in place.

“don’t say Anything to you that we are in april and may, all of the leagues will be able to continue, you must first of all the health risks associated with the job”, it is Infantino, first of all, be clear. However, if the league would resume this also means that a lot of the contracts would be expiring, and while the championships are still in progress. That is the case, for example, by Thomas Meunier in the FOLLOWING. “We think it’s time for the incorporation of the contract change, and the temporary exemptions to allow for the duration of the contract, in the instant case until after the 30th of June”, says the Italian-Swiss.

the Crisis also presents an opportunity,

The spread of the virus also has the kalendermanagers been a lot of great work. According to Infantino, it offers to the crisis, however, it also has the ability to think in terms of reform.

Worldwide, there are hardly any football, so the sport is in a financial crisis risk. Infantino will see a way out of it in less games and less top leagues. “Maybe we can get the football reform, by taking a step back,” says Infantino, who, on Monday, his 50th birthday. In other formats, but the more interesting tournaments as well. It is not a science, and let us talk it over.”

Prior to the pandemic, has decided the winners of the Infantino however, with the world cup starting in 2026 can be expanded from 32 to 48 teams. It was also a world CHAMPIONSHIP for teams, 24 teams are added to the already crowded voetbalkalender. The 2021 planned, the first issue of the magazine is, however, moved for a date to be determined after the european CHAMPIONSHIP and the Copa America in 2020, with a year-were put on hold.

Health first, then the rest of it”, said Infantino. “For organisations, it means the rest of it: hope for the best and be ready for the worst. No worry, let’s get one thing straight. We will be back, if at all possible, without the person’s health is in danger.” The FIFA president of all associations and leagues in order to have the recommendations of the united states government and the world health organization (WHO) guidelines.