now FIFA is working on a plan to make the contracts which are due to expire on 30 June, one month at a time. That way you would have suspended football leagues still to be finished, can be used. In Belgium, especially in the Anderlecht supporter of football, and after the 30th of June.

as of 30 June, the traditional time when leagues around the world are shut down. It is also the time when the contracts have an expiration date. The news agency Reuters, was a document read from the FIFA confirming that it is the wereldvoetbalbond come to think of it, the contracts are for a month at a time. The competitions that are shut in due to the coronacrisis would be more than enough time to get to the 31st of July and have lost days to catch up.

the major European leagues, which encourage an extended season. In large countries such as the uk, France, germany, and Italy-threatened clubs are in the hundreds of millions of dollars to lose if the season is not finished. The league would be in the event of the default by the broadcaster, who will then decide the final tranche of the tv money to pay for it. As a result, it would be that a player like Dries Mertens, whose contract is this, the end of summer, on 1 July, but 1 August is available for off-site signs.

In Belgium, there is much less enthusiasm for a football season in mid-July. To begin with, there is no financial need. With the tv money, the season has already been fully paid. It’s hard for a lot of clubs will be more important to focus on for the next season and a good end of this year.

because of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the summer of 2021, is to be played, and it is of interest that, at the time of start of the season 2020-2021. A normal Belgian league, it takes at least twenty-five days, and already, there is a lot of work to get everything to fit. Football in July and three weeks (minimum) of vacation, plus for a minimum of four weeks, it would mean that at the end of August to start.

In the Belgian clubs, especially in Anderlecht in favour of an extended football season. The purple-and-white, hopes to be in the Play-off 1, or Play-off (2) on a European trip get. The competition will now end, or only the first match of the regular season games, that dream is impossible.

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