The international football Federation (FIFA) has defended its President Gianni Infantino, in respect of which the Swiss Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case in connection with allegations of abuse of authority, violation of official secrecy, the obstruction of a criminal investigation and incitement to abuse. FIFA believes the accusations against Mr. Infantino “not having under itself no bases”, and his meetings with the attorney General of Switzerland Michael Lauber, is the Foundation of the case,— “logical.”FIFA issued a statement in which he calls allegations against its President Gianni Infantino “having no basis” and aimed to “harm” both the FIFA and Mr Infantino. This is the first reaction of the head of the football structure for the big news of late last week. We are talking about the initiation of the Swiss Prosecutor’s office a criminal case against Gianni Infantino, which leads incumbent spectracolor Stefan Keller.Mr. Infantino, turned the official “second tier” in the first person of world football in the Wake of a Grand corruption crisis in FIFA in 2015, is suspected of abuse of authority, violation of official secrecy, the obstruction of a criminal investigation and incitement to abuse. Mainly talking about his contacts with former attorney General of Switzerland Michael Lauber, who recently resigned amid threats of Mr. Keller to initiate his prosecution. The story, which resulted in problems for Gianni Infantino, in the public plane, was released in March of this year, when the Swiss ended in the case of fraud, the persons involved which was just four famous German football functionary is former President of the German football Association (DFB) Theo Zwanziger, the former Secretary-General of the Horst Rudolf Schmidt, Vice-President of the organizing Committee of the 2006 world Cup in Germany Wolfgang Niersbach and former Secretary General of FIFA URS Linsi. In addition to the case was listed and the legendary Franz Beckenbauer, who headed the organizing Committee of the 2006 world Cup, but he still managed to avoid a trial.The essence of the charges was that the above persons had bribed several members of the FIFA Executive Committee to vote for Germany in the elections of the host country of the 2006 world Cup. According to investigators, back in 2000, the head of Adidas, Robert Louis-Dreyfus turned to 10.3 million Swiss francs in the bid Committee “Germany-2006”. These funds were to go to the needs of the structure, the leader of which was Franz Beckenbauer, but in reality was used in order to buy the votes of four repr��representatives of Asia in the Executive Committee of FIFA.The process came to nothing. Due to restrictions imposed by the Swiss authorities in the fight against the spread of coronavirus, it had to be suspended. The result was the Statute of limitations on the case. The closure of the case sparked a wave of criticism of the attorney General of Switzerland Michael Lauber, to which had previously been claimed for the way he conducts business about corruption in football, for example due to premature closure of the trial about the abuse in the Union of European football associations (UEFA) for the implementation of the rights to broadcast the Champions League matches. In 2016 as a result of the scandal with the “Panama records” revealed that in the early 2000s, the UEFA sold the rights to show matches in Ecuador Cross Trading company for $140 thousand That immediately resells them to the Ecuadorian Teleamazonas TV for $440 thousand On the contract with the Cross Trading was signed Gianni Infantino, in February 2016 elected President of FIFA, and at the time of the events described served as Director of the legal Department of UEFA. Had reason to believe that this story took place a deliberate underestimation of the value of television rights and receiving “kickbacks” after their resale at full price. Swiss prosecutors opened a case, but it yielded no result. It turned out that Michael Lauber at least three times informally met with Gianni Infantino. And Mr Infantino met repeatedly with the status of spectacular Rinaldo Arnold. Later, the Prosecutor Lauber argued that simply did not consider it necessary to formalize the meeting with the defendant in the case, pending in his Department, but had to understand that in this way casts doubt on his impartiality. It is the “informal” meeting of officials, the details of which both refused to remember, and was the main reason for opening the case against Gianni Infantino.Meanwhile, in its statement, FIFA insists that such talks “never illegal”. She explains that in the period when they took place, in the production of the Swiss Prosecutor’s office was “more than 20 cases” in which a football Federation was made by “the injured party”. Therefore, according to the last pre-organized contacts in public places like hotels and restaurants between law enforcement officials and Gianni Infantino was “logical” and “everyday”, “even remotely” not Recalling the actions of “a criminal nature”.Under the version of FIFA, the case against Mr. Infantino was initiated because of “anonymous complaints”, but she cannot tell their source. But the Federation indicates that Rinaldo Arnold, who has already studied the situation with contacts, Gianni Infantino with the police, closed the investigation. However, almost simultaneously with the statement FIFA edition Suddeutsche Zeitung published an article, which imputed to Mr. Arnold is facing criminal prosecution, because spectracolor stopped the investigation in relation to Gianni Infantino, without notifying anyone that close friends with him.Alex Armor