soccer league are suffering financially due to coronakrisen, but Fifa may soon be ready with a lifesaver.

Clubs, national associations, players and many others in the world of football has it hard in these coronatider. Not least economically.

Several clubs have already asked the players to go down in salary, and the unions and the leagues lack of revenue, because the soccer ball is still.

The International Football federation (Fifa) can from the top, witness the problems, and fifa’s bulging pengetank, which has a reservetank at around 18 billion dollars, is ready to step in with help.

In a statement to the news agency AP on Tuesday, writes Fifa:

Fifa is in a solid economic situation, and it is our duty to do our utmost to help the soccer ball in a difficult situation, it sounds.

– We are working with opportunities to provide assistance to fodboldsamfundet around the world, when we has drafted a comprehensive assessment of the pandemic’s economic impact on the soccer ball.

Right now almost all the leagues in Europe suspended, and both The union of European Football associations (Uefa) and national associations are trying to find out whether the remaining part of the season can færdigspilles.

It determines only coronaudbredelsen, which is hard to say.