Malik Tillman will play for the USA national team in the future. FIFA has now approved his intended change of talent from FC Bayern. The debut could be as early as Wednesday.

Change of association: Malik Tillman (20) changes from the DFB to the US association. According to the news agency AP, FIFA granted the required approval on Monday. Tillman can now be called up to the US national team. His debut could follow this Wednesday against Morocco.

Storm talent: Tillman is one of Bayern’s top talents. So far he has made four Bundesliga appearances and one DFB Cup appearance with the German record champions. Born in Nuremberg, he has also gone through all the DFB youth teams. Only in the U15 he still ran for the selection of the USA

Not an isolated case: changing associations of players is not uncommon. They are possible if the player has not yet played a game for a country’s senior national team. Prominent examples of a change of association include Bayern jewel Jamal Musiala (from England to Germany) and Dortmund’s new midfield engine Salih Özcan (from Germany to Turkey).

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