Players and coaches with his contract should be in the clubs, to an extended season is finished, believe Fifa.

According to an internal document considers The International Football federation (Fifa), to play – and trænerkontrakter, which stands to expire this summer, should be extended until the conclusion of any extended season.

This writes Reuters, who have seen the document in question, which is addressed to a special coronaviruses-workgroup, Fifa has set up.

the Dates for the summer transfervindue should also be reviewed, as clubs and players are invited to find a common solution regarding the salary, while the soccer ball is still around in the world.

the Proposals must be discussed at a meeting of the Fifa later on Thursday, says.

the Vast majority of football leagues and tournaments around the world is put on pause, postponed or cancelled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Including this summer’s european championship, has been moved to 2021.

Many leagues counting on to finish the game, but it is yet unknown as to when it can be done.

Thus arises that challenges with contracts that are to expire when the season ends, because it is not to say, when it happens.

A later end will also likely mean a later start to the season after the summer break.

It can lead to different leagues can end up with various start dates in comparison to other countries. An issue, Fifa also takes a position in the document.

– In the case of overlapping seasons and/or registreringsperioder (for new players, ed.), it should be a priority, to the former club completes its season with his original squad in order to preserve the national ligaers integrity, says the document.

Additionally calls for that the newly established fund “Fund for Professional Players, such as Fifa along with The International Spillerforening (Fifpro) are behind, it is taken in use.

It is originally made to provide financial help to the players, who have not been paid or do not have the ability, legally to receive the agreed salary of his club.