FIFA asks players to agree to reduce salaries by 50%

the Heads of the International football Federation (FIFA) has discussed with representatives of the European clubs Association (ECA) and the International Federation of associations of professional footballers (FIFPro), the issue of reducing the salaries of players.

according to “CHempionata” with reference to newspaper Marca, following the meeting, FIFA because of the quarantine associated with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, decided to appeal to players with a request to reduce salaries by 50% to normalize the situation with the virus.

Earlier it was reported that the international football Association intends to make changes in time for the upcoming summer transfer window. FIFA ready to extend the period of football “shopping” until January 2021.

Recall, the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, a new type was recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of 2019. To date, the virus has spread to 198 countries and territories. Cases it is already about 525 thousand people, of which 23 thousand died.