Wereldvoetbalbond that FIFA has a contingency plan published in the current football season, will need to save it. As a result, the clubs will have the chance to spelerscontracten to extend it to the new end of the season, and the land’s transfer make a shift.

FIFA wants to make a contingency plan, with all of the clubs in the shelter and protect. Therefore, it allows for the possibility of contracts that are to expire at the end of the season (traditionally June 30) will be extended until the new expiry date of the second season of the hit created. The players who are already at a new club and was signed to have to get a new start date of their contract for the next season. In the case that the players go to another country, and it is seizoenseinde of the one-country, overlapping with the start of the season, from the country of the other, the former employer of the player is a priority.

The wereldvoetbalbond recommends explicitly to be sensitive to the “measures for clubs and players to support it”. Understand that the players who are on unemployment, one is not a problem for them. She encouraged the clubs to collective bargaining and to strike with the players by the club or by the league, and to adopt positions, such as in the Standard, and that seven of the players who have not agreed to a pay in unemployment has continued, highly. “We must ensure that stakeholders have a different kind of treatment for them.” If players and clubs do not reach an agreement, can this be brought in to be the winner.

now, as The FIFA announced that all applications for the movement of the transfer to approve it, as long as the transfer does not last longer than 16 weeks.

In Belgium it was last week by the Board of Directors of the Pro League and has already signed for the season to end with a decision that will, however, still to be ratified in the annual General Meeting of all sports clubs in italy. For the time being, our country is the only one which is already publicly know, and has given it one season at a time do not want to finish. The European football body, UEFA, did then mean that it could not have been, and are threatened openly with the Belgian clubs from European football. The union’s aim is to have everything set up for the current season, and will now gain from big brother’s SIDE.