Wevelgem –

A fietsster Wednesday afternoon to life in a dodehoekongeval at the intersection of Queen and Fabiolastraat the slip road to the A19 in Antwerp. The woman at the traffic light struck by a truck driver who turned on to the highway.

The victim and the driver of the transport company Staelens Ath stood at around 15.40 hrs, both waiting at the traffic lights at the bridge over the A19. Then, give the green light to leap, the woman is straight ahead, riding the Queen’s Fabiolastraat in the direction of Antwerp, and the trucker on the right, next to the entrance of the city. During that maneuver, the institution of the fietsster on it. She was dragged under the truck.

“My window on my truck was down and I could hear her calling,” says a young man who, with a friend, and he was waiting at the exit to go to Wevelgem to come. “When I got out of the car to offer help, I noticed right away that it was fatal, it was.”

The witness is called, along with another passer-by and the emergency services. But it was of no avail, the victim was on her bike and under the truck’s path and was killed. “The driver of the truck was in a state of shock,” says the passenger in the white van was. “He couldn’t believe what was going on.”

The man was defeated in the grasberm. The ambulanciers who were on the spot to come, managed over to him. The public prosecutor’s office sent a verkeersdeskundige at the entrance to the circumstances of the tragic accident investigations. The junction of the A19, was completely shut down. It was not until around 17.30 o’clock, the lifeless body of a woman is to be taken.

you may Also be the employer of the truck driver came down to Antwerp. He said that the driver of the fietsster at any point of time. “It is, however, a good, cautious driver,” said the man. “He has been working for more than ten years, our company has Staelens. As far as I know, it is the first time an accident.”

The truck driver had to come and fix it in Wevelgem. He was on his way back to Ath. “It was an unfortunate accident. Too bad that at this intersection, a separate traffic light for cyclists. That is, it would have to come,” says the employer of the truck driver.

in any case, It is not the first time that there was a major accident at the intersection. In september of last year, ran for a 63-year-old fietsster from Wevelgem to another seriously injured in a similar accident, a Slovakian truck driver. Also, it was on the driveway under the truck and go.