In the Gotthard tunnel clashed on Monday, several vehicles, such as SRF reported. The police Department of the Canton of Uri confirmed that the accident happened directly in front of the exit in Göschenen UR.

In a communication, the Kapo writes later that five people were slightly injured up considerably.

Two children (7 and 9) violated

The accident came shortly after 13.45. A motorist with a Dutch license plate was in the direction of the North, on the road, as he drove around 1.5 kilometres before the tunnel portal in Göschenen on the double safety line on the opposite lane, and there, with a correctly oncoming camper van with Dutch license plate – collided.

Then the car crashed into a Zurich car, which was on the opposite carriageway in the direction of South on-the-go delivery. The exact course of a road accident is the subject of the police investigation.

Four of the five injured were sitting in the car that caused the accident. It is all the low countries – a 61-year-old man, a woman (60) and two boys (7 and 9). The fifth injured Person was driving the Zurich-based vans, there is a 33-year-old Swiss, confirmed a spokesman for the police of the Kanton of Uri.

the Tunnel open again

in The afternoon, nothing went in the Tunnel for hours, posted several motorists on Twitter.

The Tunnel was closed until 18 o’clock. Meanwhile, the cars and the traffic jam has dissolved. (you)

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