the Fien Lammertyn, it is the first european woman in the Everesting Challenge on the rolling has successfully been completed. The 39-year-old in West Flanders, it began on Friday at 3h30 in its mission statement and concluded that 15 pm and 46 minutes later. They klokte on 10.738 meters of altitude, which enables them to instantly make a virtual world record, established by the women. In total, rode more than the 268 km of the roll.

as Everesting, it is a special challenge in a few sports over the past few years are concerned. It’s going to be riding (or walking) on 8.848 meters of altitude, the height of Mount Everest. Preferably, you do it outside, on a hill or a mountain, so that the number of times you have to 8.848 metres of altitude comes from. Last year it was Australian Richie Porte, the ten times, the Col de la Madone Nice and klokte he was down to 9.012 meters of altitude. An attempt of 16 hours, which is 14u22 effective on the bike as well.

In the time of the solar corona dared the athletes are already extremely out of the corner and threw amateurfietser Fien Lammertyn’s done, and what she did in her attempt at the roll, and have a virtual Zwift as well, since such a challenge has been validated by the Everesting Club. “The idea grew to only about two weeks ago,” she says. “I have heard of a so-called “the World according to customers’ Event, organised by the Hells 500 club behind the creation of the Everesting. They want to be, Thursday through Sunday, as many people as possible in the Everesten, and so I jumped on the wagon.”

In total, knew, Sunday morning, according to the Everesting website for around the world but are 572 people in the virtual challenge to a successful conclusion. In Belgium, there was not a single woman to be successful in this challenge. It’s a difficult challenge, it is also evident from a number. On the way, managed to hit all but one of the Belgian women, in this order: Sylvie Uyttendale in June 2017, which have a total of 23 hours, at various times, the La Houppe climb. Lammertyn, is the first european mission to a good end of it.

“Look, it’s a crazy idea and everyone wants to do something special in the corona, a period of time,” she says. “A normal bike, I’ve always toeristenversie of the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, but for now that was all gone. True Pirard does have his challenges, but I want to be the healthcare provider before to help, just in my room and see this mission through Zwift to achieve it. I am proud that I was able. I started at 3h30 in the morning and after 13 hours, I had the Everest Challenge which has to deal with it.”

it’s a Lammertyn was 8.848 meters of altitude is not enough. She has continued her mission did not stop and went right on, up to 10 ‘ 000 vertical meters. “Then it was I, after all, in the High-Rouleurs, a little bit of the Ferrari club of rock-climbers,” she says. “But the stairs would still be good, and I know that it will record in the women’s 10.388 altitude of the year.” So she climbed up further. “In the end, I had to be due to faulty material and stop at 10.738 m. Is a stupid number, I have aimed at no less than 11,000 for the record are really sharp, but my device failed and I wanted to take the risk that my data is lost. So, I turned everything on, and so I end on 10.738 m.”

the Lammertyn, it is self-contained in the eventsector and experienced amateursporter, mainly in the enduroracing and body building. “When the pain started? Well, that is really a pain, I would not call it”, perspective. “My knee began to bother about 150 miles, but after that it stopped and I just have a lower wattage rating. Bored, I’ve never really done before. You are able to be in contact with the other Zwifters, and a couple of mates have given me a virtual certificate.”

the Lammertyn, the program will finish at l’alpe-Du-Zwift, and pretty much the virtual version of the Alpe d’huez. “It’s a climb of 12.5 kms, with 21 hairpin bends, such as the real l’alpe d’huez. In total, I have ten times as virtually conquered.”

at The mission, asked for the entire organization. “Before, I had a little food prepared, the bottle will be prepared. In total, nine models, with ORS-tablets and seven bottles containing isotonic drinks binnengewerkt.”

The mission took 15u46. Lammertyn wasn’t on all the time on the bike. “That can’t be true, ” she said. “And after every ride I have had on the way down as small as ten mins in order to quickly go to the toilet, to walk, to eat, to take my water bottles to deal with. I was there for a lot of the time, there’s never been, and it has been a couple of times, that was close, but luckily I’ve always been, just in time for the kids to begin with.”

the Lammertyn, it is the first european woman to virtual Everesting Challenge, you and her 10.738 altitude, she also set a world record. “I’m quite proud of this accomplishment”, and ending with them. “It was a big challenge, but thankfully one with a happy end. I fear that I will be stiff, it will be on Sunday? No, not really. Up until a few years ago, I was in a manner of speaking, ‘the lame’ after the toeristenversie of the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, but for the past two years, I am a vegan, and I was no longer a problem. In the last two editions, I was still tired, but not stiff, because I have other, less acidic foods to me, please. This leads to less lactic acid accumulation in my legs. So, for the muscle pain I don’t need to worry about.”