this Panda is still alive, is a miracle. At all corners and edges, the Italian dwarf begins the panel to resolve, through a hole in the passenger door you can look directly on the road. Who puts the ear to the thin sheet metal, you can almost hear the rust is nibbling with relish and while Eros Ramazotti is buzzing. The interior no longer smells to rotted upholstery, the headliner is long gone, and the plastic material of the valve is reminiscent of a bar of chocolate, you forget the Christmas of 1980 in the Cabinet and randomly re-found.

However, if the optics are disregarded, from the ol the great box (as applied to Fiat once the Panda): The 45-HP-Engine turns lively as on the first day, the gear lever moves flabby through the four gears like a spoon through a bowl of Dough – so it must be a real Panda. Cattle man in the Cockpit of the first Fiat Panda 1980

The Fiat Panda ranged 45 HP

The ride comfort is even on pavement amazingly well, and a rear rigid axle with leaf springs. The seats consist of a Tube frame with fabric cover and are quite comfortable. Of by none other than Design legend Giugiaro-styled Great-Panda measures was 3.38 times to 1.46 metres, weighs 45-HP-Engine on Board 680 kilograms, and creates at least 140 cases. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for Almost a quarter of a century long career of the star designer Giorgetto Giugiaro in cubic shape placed on the market, and then as a “Great box” by the acclaimed Italian micro-car

took a While SUV-pilots in their bricked-up bodies need to twist the necks, when you Turn not to the next cyclist umzumähen, offers the Panda a free view to all sides. It should come to a Parking bumps, protects the wrap-Around cladding made of plastic the modest value of the car. In the year of the Brexit: British cult car birthday FOCUS Online/Wochit celebrates the year of the Brexit: British cult car celebrates birthday

In the SUV to the driver twisting the necks

For Paolo Tumminelli, who has worked at the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and is today at the Köln International School of Design (KISD) teaches, is the Fiat Panda of the last real Volkswagen. The Design Professor was next to the oldest Panda in Germany, of more driving, however, is not proficient, also two working originals of the first series of 1980. “A white 30 HP and a beige 45 HP-model in lovely condition. Both, I go with great pleasure regularly, when I’m in Italy”, telling the Panda Fan. Cattle man Clear edge: The Fiat Panda in 1980, modern and old, the Design is never

The Ur-Panda, is easily recognized by its sheet metal-radiator grille struts with the vertical, so that today, even in Italy, extremely rare. Of the Facelift Version with the plastic grill does, however, still many. Sought after in the 4×4 versions with all-wheel drive, the scramble in the grounds so many SUV’s locker of which are particularly. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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the Fascinating thing about this car, its clean lines, its simplicity, its expediency are. “This car was built for people – not Vice versa. Today, we live almost in a sacrificial relationship to our cars: We cherish you, every scratch on the bumper is a Drama. The Pandas were more like Pets, they have just been through everything. Scratches and dents were part of everyday life and of life. And economical he is on top of that – my Panda consumes less than six liters per 100 kilometers, and with a decades-old technology,” said Paolo Tumminelli. Seat From the Fiat Panda, Seat Panda

A car like a pet

For the Designer is the Panda, a rolling critique of the modern audience of the automotive industry think. “The Design, the manufacturer will always have these hoity-toity people in the head, Lifestyle-oriented, progressive-dynamic. But there are millions of people who live in villages and needs to be known at the time of the first duck to bring a couple of potatoes and eggs on the market. But for these people, none builds a car,” says Tumminelli. As a car, freedom of driving was The craziest cars of the 70s, FOCUS Online/Wochit As driving a car was freedom: The craziest cars of the 70s

While all new car models to be thicker and more aggressive, reminds him of the acceptance of the old Panda on it, “that an economically and ecologically meaningful, and likeable car minimum to the tried-and-tested Giugiaro-concept great Potential. In the Fiat study, 120 of 2019, which was celebrated as a Panda-successor is,” says Tumminelli. SP-X/Michael Gebhardt Fiat shows up with the Concept Centoventi a cute Retro small are now hoarded diligently and saved, and therefore restored, and as a cultural asset preserved car with electricity for 100 km

“Old Pandas”, says the Designer – and has also infected others with its fascination with.

Panda in addition to Bugatti

About Matt Hranek: The New York Lifestyle commentator for his just-announced book “A Man and his Car” the Panda in his work – the car is about in addition to Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti Atlantic glamorous occur. “Right after the first ride, Matt said to me: ‘I must have one!’ and is now also the proud Panda-owners,” says Tumminelli. 90 years Volvo: The most iconic cars of Sweden