Jean Todt wants to be in this years Formula 1 races were held with the general public to see. “Something I really believe in,” says the president of the International Automobielfederatie of the FIA, in an interview on the “I also hope fervently that it will happen, because we need it.”

For a re-start of the Formula 1 are also of the races without the public option. A proposal to set up the season, till January 2021, to continue, is also on the table. “But it is very probable, that last one’s not me,” says Todt. “There are, however, discussions with the trading partners, and, ultimately, it is up to us to decide.”

“This year, 15 to 18 Grand Prix, driving, it may seem optimistic, but it’s certainly not an impossible task. All of it will depend on when we will be able to start it. As soon as we get to know that we will be able to start off, we have two-to-three Grand Prix for a month and see if we are in the months of July and August, is moving to december, we will have a five-or six-month, and multiplied by three. But you have to remember that we’re all in situations in which a meeting organizer may be safe, but there is no sense in it. The Grand Prix was a real treat. Everything has to be ready, in the mood to celebrate, there must be, too.”

Jean Todt (Photo: Photo News

The former teamchef, Ferrari continues to push for a tighter budget, and something that his former employer was not keen on it. Rather than the planned limit of € 160 million for 2021, the teams had already agreed to go to 137 million to go. “Well, it’s still a lot of things,” says the 74-year-old Frenchman. “The future of the smaller teams, and to indemnify and hold harmless, we need to be 110 million deal. It would be tragic were we to, for example, four of the teams in Formula 1 to lose. I really hope that everyone in the big picture, you can see it, instead of just for themselves to look at them. One positive result of this coronacrisis is that we will have the opportunity to make things better, and to do so in the future. It is not sustainable and that a smaller team will have to work with a budget of 150 million euros, while the other teams have to double this. This is likely to be a number of things to re-evaluate a number of decisions to make. This is true not only for Formula 1 but also for Formula E, the world CHAMPIONSHIP rally, world CHAMPIONSHIP endurance race, the touring car championships, racing and so on. we are in a different situation, and it’s time for a ‘new deal’.”

“When this is all over, we’re in a different world. People are emotional and scared. Is there still any interest for a race to go to? Do you still want to go to the stadium or to the theatre, restaurant, hotel, or movie theater? We have to start all over again, because we all know by now that we are all dependent on external circumstances, you have seen how fragile he is. All we are going to be from a different perspective. We can save ourselves, but through it all, but it will take some time. Be careful, we can get out of this terrible tunnel and come out, and it’s very important that we learn from them. Also, the “Formula 1”, will be coming back and I hope to get in better shape to come back.”