in 2018 this is the third permutation at the helm of the “red machine” and SKA, the work which is a must-have addition to the post in the team. Before the 2018 FIFA world Cup Russia Oleg Znarka in an emergency order was replaced by Ilya Vorobyov, who after the world championship-2019 lost his job Alex Kudashov. Only the latter, unlike their predecessors did not have time to spend at the head of the national team and SKA not a single full season. Due to the coronavirus to the world Cup 2020 in Switzerland was cancelled, and the season-2019/20 in the Continental hockey League ended prematurely. That is by and large a formal reason for the reshuffle was not. But, according to rumors, plus a video for hit him the pressure he asked for his release from office. FHR in this version is basically confirmed.

“a systematic effort. We want to be the first in the ranking of world hockey. From the point of view of the coaches, we all talk with all connected, even to those who have already left this post. Everyone has their reasons. The coach of the national team of Russia implies kruglosutochno. This is a serious challenge. The team should get for a coach family. Not all are ready”, – said the first Vice-President of the FHR, the head of the staff of the national team of Russia Roman Rotenberg.

“For family reasons Kudashov could not perform work around the clock. Plus a video he addressed to us after the season, asking to consider it as a consultant. One of the reasons for the departure of Alexei Nikolaevich. A systemic approach,” he explained.

But Bragin to the new challenge ready. Despite the fact that his recent experience as chief coach at the club was not entirely successful: in 2012, Valery Nikolaevich was dismissed from CSKA during the season. But since then water has flowed under the bridge a lot. And Bragin to the combination of let down smoothly: since January, the specialist has already worked as a senior coach in the main team and SKA.

“I would Not say that I had a negative experience. But in the combination there is nothing terrible, – said Bragin. – In the last two months of work in the SKA and the national team I looked, plunged into this atmosphere. A lot of candidates in SKA. The work carried out in the club, and will be transferred to the national team. Those nuances that exist during a game, needs to develop a trainer constantly. The club experience should be transferred to the national team”.

the Contract with Bragin as, however, and Larionov, calculated to the Olympic games-2022 in Beijing that set a very specific goal – to repeat the Golden success of Pyeongchang 2018. However, in the short term – preparation for the world championship in 2021 will be held in Minsk. Here, the main specificity is that because of the shift of the NHL season-2020/21, which could begin only in January, count on the aid of foreign players hardly makes sense.

“We have a very serious work – continued Bragin. – In the first two stages of the Eurotour will be determined by the composition, and the next strum it for the world Cup. To prepare the team, you need at least two to three major tournaments to go with the squad. Who will I be lean, hard to say. Almost all the candidates went through my “Junior”, of all the candidates I know.”

“the Season will tell, but I’m counting on the youth link SKA Marchenko-frost-Podkolzin, which was already brought to the team and displayed well. We will monitor and for experienced players”, he said.

In turn, the new head coach of the youth team Igor Larionov essentially no coaching experience, unless you count working at the headquarters of Bragin at the youth world Championships in 2020, where the national team of Russia took the gold. However, the “Professor” as it is called Larionov, in the hockey world, I’m sure he can handle it.

“I understand all the fears – admitted Larionov. – But Vladimir Filatov and Sergey Golubovich, my assistants thoroughly know these boys. I have collected a huge amount of information under Valery Bragin, but now this information is in our hands. For me it is very important to give these boys feel. The conversation is not about me but about the team. Ready to share with the guys the experience gained”.

According to him, “hockey is a game of mistakes,” and if you do not give “boys the opportunity to make a mistake, then they will not be able to realize themselves”.

“Not quite right to say that I have no experience. I’m not from the basketball come, not in figure skating. Hockey is a team sport. I worked with no latest hockey people. This experience cannot be purchased or acquired at University. Want to collect all this experience and put it to the boys. Don’t know what will happen with the next youth world championship in Edmonton, but we are trying to play in advance. Look to the future with optimism, the team we have should be a very interesting,” – said Larionov.