– I have a strong need to say that we can’t lower your shoulders. We will continue to “turn down-strategy”, said Erna Solberg on Tuesday’s press conference.

at the same time notified the government, a gradual softening of several measures, among other things, they will open kindergartens 20. april and have all the students back at school before the summer.

This oppmykningen comes the same day as the Norwegian institute of public health (FHIs) latest recommendation to the government was made public.

Where it states black on white that they expect a “boot” of a covid-19-epidemic in the course of the year:

“We expect that Norway will undergo a covid-19-epidemic with likely start up in earnest in the course of the year. The health consequences and stresses on the health care system is great,” it says in FHIs updated risk assessment today.

In the report recommend the FHI also that the government “forces risikokommunikasjonen” and preparing the population that the epidemic will come and “many will be sick and some seriously sick”.

– It means that we are not sure if we will manage to keep the smittespredningen down on the level we have now. We are not sure if it can get surprises, for such an epidemic has a large degree of unpredictability in them. This is a disease that is transmitted easily, ” says FHI’s director Camilla Stoltenberg.

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She emphasizes that the situation in the short term have improved, and maintains that the government’s plan for softening in koronatiltakene did not differ greatly from the suggestions from FHI.

– Now you have with very comprehensive measures managed to get to the things that were not revealed that was possible a few weeks ago. And so there may be new challenges ahead.

– How big is the risk that there will be a new peak later in the year?

There is great risk that smittetallet will go over the 1 again. The plan now is to detect it very early. On the way, we can test, track, and isolate the sick so that we can manage to get smittetallet down again.

Uncertainty about the vaccine

Also the ministry of Health sees great uncertainties in the government’s virus-strategy, and is not sure if it is workable.

“The great usikkerhetsmomentet is that we may not currently know whether it will be possible to combat this pandemic with a vaccine. Without vaccine, some of the foundation for the turn-down strategy to be away. When must these measures be continued in an indefinite time, or until a effective medicine,” writes the ministry of Health in its recommendation published today.

“Turn-down”strategy requires that one is able to keep the infection down within their own national borders to a vaccine or effective treatment is ready. Both parts can be several years ahead in time. No matter the strategy will require strict karanteneregler for entry in a long time to come.

the Agency recommends, however, that “knock down”strategy continues for a while to, if nothing else to gain time. That’s because it’s a lot easier to let up than to tighten into:

“In the course of a few weeks we will probably have a far better basis for decision making than we have today. It will be much easier to go from a beat-down strategy than the other way round. We release up on for many of the measures in line with a slow-strategy now, must the country be closed down again if it later becomes necessary or desirable to go back to a knock-down-strategy”, writes the agency.

Can be isolated in a hotel

Stronger quarantine and isolasjonstiltak is also something Folkehelsedirektoratet see as necessary. It may mean that the infected in the cities are offered to isolate themselves in hotels.

– It will still be applicable to the isolation of the home where it is possible. But where it is not possible to get to, it must be a different offer. But it will come with volunteering, stresses Stoltenberg.

On “Dagsnytt 18” defended health minister Bent High, the current softening:

– It has cost to gain control, but it is easy to lose control again, said Bent High on Dagsnytt 18, and reiterated that the strategy is to “knock down” virus.

– We have faith that we can do this without having to get a increased infection rates, but we must follow very carefully.

Camilla Stoltenberg said in the same broadcast that she did not think it was too early to open up now:

– I think it is wise that we do this together, controlled and over time. When it comes to schools and kindergartens, so for example, we know not whether it is worse for the transmission and that we don’t have open schools and kindergartens. If we gradually open up, so we can test this out systematically.