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“There is proven infection of many children, also in Norway, so there is no doubt that the virus can infect children. So far, it appears that children in the less infected than adults”, said the note, which is based on a quick review of the available research.

A contentious question has been whether children spread infection, and to what extent. This has, however, FHI did not found a clear answer on.

– There is very limited documentation on this and too early to say whether the children can play a significant role in the smittespredningen, or not, writes FHI.

FHI has also not found any documentation on the measurable effects of closing kindergartens and schools.

There is strong evidence to suggest that children in small extent will be hit hard. There are also indications that children may be smittebærere, but that as of now seems to be that they are to a lesser extent, says medical director Atle Fretheim of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

According to the FHIs dagsrapport (pdf) is it detected 17 infections in the age group 0-9 years, and 78 in the age group of 10-19 years.

the average age of those infected is 47,2 years. The age groups with the clear party contagious are 40-49 and 50-59 years.

Everything about koronaviruset Consensus in the Parliament about the new “koronaloven” Ask the government to consider hytteforbudet the Government with the update today

at 16 is it known what measures will be continued in the fight against koronaepidemien.

health minister Bent Tall (H) notified a continuation of the many efforts at Monday’s press conference about the daily koronastatusen.

I know that many people hope the most stringent measures are being revoked. Those who hope and believe that this spring will be to the tend, will probably be disappointed, ” he said.

Oslo yesterday Raymond Johansen struck on Monday morning stated that the municipality will keep on the strict measures until further notice.

” We must take tough measures for this not to last for long. The short pain is better than this to be dragged out in many, many months and that we keep getting more infected because we do not comply with the rules, he said.

Johansen believes it is too early to open schools and kindergartens, and alerts that the limit on the number of people in the folkeansamlinger can be revised down sharply.

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