Basically: it’s best to let it not so happen that someone is toying with a strike. Who communicates constantly fair and clear, to prevent a too big frustration accumulates.

That, in turn, means, however, that in a relationship, a permanent fair-weather mood must prevail. A competent Partner to communicate with, namely, benevolent, and remain always true to yourself. And that means that it is even with the greatest of love differences of opinion and remains. It is agreed the peace for the sake of all-too-quickly, and often in the case of a rotten compromise, which leaves finally, but discontent to ferment.

“Because I’m not doing any more!”

it still Comes to a point where a Person no longer heard, and seen feels, is a clear sign. And the can Express as a strike in the sense of “I’m in!”.

Who is on strike, the few routine stop. This may be an uncomfortable step, but it’s part of the unfortunate facts that people often come into motion, if it hurts. It is important, however, is that this pain is to let the other buses. A strike should never have the character of a retaliation action.

In a relationship for a strike, then place, if this is, in principle, stable. Therefore, you should not skimp with the message that you want to basically stay together. It needs insurance, in the style of: “I want you. I want our relationship. But this very specific thing we need to tackle.” Because the real work comes only after the shot across the bow. Then have to be negotiated. And it needs to have open ears and open hearts of the two.