A staff member of the house had perceived in the external area a burning smell, and to alarm the fire alarm is pressed. After telephone consultation, the control room was notified that a fire smell in the radiology Department and the Central ambulance. The use of the keyword has increased on a confirmed fire and it drove a total of four fire trucks to the hospital. The affected area was controlled by several squads, but no fire was discovered. As to take in the outdoor area, the smell of fire more clearly true, it is assumed that surrounding a fireplace was put into operation, which produced the odor. The employee had alerted in good faith. Fortunately, it was also very quickly clear. At the point of use, the forces of the fire brigade were Vonderort, Fuhlenbrock and the old town, used in addition to the professional fire brigade. The fire brigade Graf a forest made sure the basic protection, as they completed an Exercise at the main police station and the fire bell bright point came with the second rotary head for use. Another fire truck was occupied in kirchhellen to the basic level of protection.

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