Fes has announced the possibility of sending raschetom email

In the Fes explained that the Labour code does not reglamentary the procedure for the issuance of payslips. “Therefore we believe that if in the employment contract, collective agreement, local normative act provides for the procedure of notification of the employee about the constituent parts of wages (payslip) via e-mail, this order, in our opinion, does not violate the provisions of article 136 of TK of the Russian Federation”, – said “RG” in the Fes.

the Labour code does not reglamentary the procedure of issuance of pay slips by the employer

in Other words, if employees want to raschetki online, first they have to convince their employer to fix it in local labor papers. However, it is worth remembering that the hackers are not asleep. Free consistently, even the database of the major banks. Therefore there is not time to think whether to request income data via email. The chance that they will sooner or later read someone else high. Because you can just simply forget to close the mail before you leave for lunch. And whether you want colleagues to know the size of your income?

Photo: iStock Rosstat: the Highest part of incomes of Russians have the salary

the form of a settlement sheet shall be approved by the employer, there is no single template. The main thing – the content that the employee knew that he for that accrued (fixed salary, monthly and quarterly bonuses, incentive bonuses, fees). Or subject to withholding: as noted in the Fes, in article 136 of the TC States that the employer is required to notify in writing each employee not only about the parts he owed wages, but also on the dimensions of the various production deductions. In raschetke may be prescribed the amount of compensation for breach of the employer an established period of payment of wages, holiday pay, payments at dismissal and other payments.