The last Ferrari champion is still Kimi Raikkonen (soon to be 40). That was on 21. October 2018 and in Austin. The sad season is after the second Flop on Sunday.

The Reds have raised a Protest against the Five-second penalties-judgment in Montreal over the entrance in Maranello, however, the Italian and the Ferrari flag. How after all the Victories…

In Bahrain, only the bad luck prevented the already believed premieres-the success of Charles Leclerc: short-circuit, the car ran only on five cylinders.


Ferrari is to now 23 to to the next Grand Prix on the. June heal in Le Castellet again many wounds. The major announced an appeal against the discussed in the FIA’s decision to have thankfully abandoned. You would have made only once is ridiculous. Because even the Italian media were after the “scandal” behind Squadra Azzurra.

now That some of the media to attack Vettel after his driving error that led to the Blockade of Hamilton, for his “boorish behavior” after the Grand Prix, is unnecessary. As the Germans would not have had enough frustration.

“respect was to big!”

The four-times world champion and no-one has insulted publicly, has anyone beaten and nothing is destroyed. Fortunately, Vettel has not made the stupidest mistake in his “circus-number” with the Interchanging of the signs in the Parc Fermé, etc. – and the podium ignored.

Vettel later admitted openly: “Actually, I wanted to go to the race on the podium. But respect for Hamilton and my team-mates was too big!”

Hamilton: “Would have reacted exactly”

thank God. Otherwise would have threatened him even a Rennsperre! Vettel must now, shortly before his 32. Birthday, on the books. How can he bring his Team back to the motivation of the course?

The world championship is over after the first third practical: Leader Lewis Hamilton (34) after his fifth and, for once, to “gift” a season of success: “I would be in Sebastian’s place, and so is not responding. There are moments you don’t want to experience often. I can only say that I am glad that Mercedes has with Ferrari a strong opponent. Such duels as in Canada delight the Fans. Yes, I tried to force Sebastian to a fault. And I have succeeded!”