In an Interview with Motorsport-Total Ferrari Star Sebastian Vettel expressed his Concerns over the future of formula 1. The four-time world champion (Red Bull) believes that the king class of motor racing has arrived at a delicate point. Vettel is beating the Alarm: “to make something happen, because otherwise it will be very difficult to cope with the challenges of the future in Motorsport.”

A Problem boredom is for the Germans. “The truth is that there are behind the three top teams is a pretty big gap. And I think it would be nicer if the entire field would be closer together,” says Vettel.

The rule changes for the season in 2021 will take a Central role. “I think the best Teams and the best drivers would still be on the front” no matter what rules there are,” explained Vettel. “It would definitely be nice, all of them closer together. As a result, it would be more exciting.”

“formula 1 is too expensive”

The 32-Year-old wishes that on a good day, sometimes someone from the midfield all the way to the podium you can find. This is nowadays in the normal course of the race almost impossible. “Something has to happen,” said Vettel repeated. “Because regardless of what colors you are wearing, has become the formula 1, in my opinion, too expensive.”

Just for the tiniest bit of additional Performance, the team would spend a lot of money, so Vettel. “I think that it needs to be in some ways simpler. Of course, it is always a fine line to keep the DNA of formula 1 and to try at the same time, all close together. Because you don’t want the unit, cars unit motors. That would not be in formula 1.”

the future at Ferrari? “I don’t know”

How to do it with him more, don’t know Vettel by the way. The question of whether he ended his career at Ferrari, he can’t answer. “I don’t know. I don’t think, I just look to far into the future.” (sme)