they had lasers and nerves, injection of poison, underwent a stem-cell therapy: Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson (59) talk a few days before your 60. Birthday about her appearance. And, after years of speculation about plastic surgery for the first time publicly about the Beauty procedures that you had to make. “I had a lot of help, to 60 look,” she says in an Interview with Daily Mail, she gave together with her Physician, Dr. Gabriela Mercik. With Mercik Fergie is a friend since 1992 – your surgery Fergie is always at your perform.

In a London clinic, she underwent a Laser facelift. The laser treatment, which costs the equivalent of from 4700 Swiss francs, please her better than nerve poison against wrinkles loose skin injections. “I let inject me a long time ago nerve poison, as nothing else was available,” says the Royal. “I don’t like the frozen Look. I like to be myself. I don’t like the thought of needles and I am very happy when I look good and happy.”

“I’m open to talk about my interventions

Ferguson explains” that she likes to try out different beauty procedures. So she left for a plump skin, vitamin cocktails, and organic filler injections and underwent a thread lift. “I am happy and open to talk about my surgeries,” says the Ex-wife of Prince Andrew (59).

Even on the feet Fergie had to operate: these have been left by the Duchess to make a how therapy. “In March, I flew to the Bahamas. I think that a lot of horse riding has ruined my feet when I was young,” she says. On the big toe, you would have to have implanted in your bones abraded, and stem cells taken from your waist. In order for the feet to form new cartilage. “It takes about six months, until the healing is complete. But now I can wear High Heels!”

“you should dismiss your surgeon”

In the network, the prominent Beauty confession of Fergie will be discussed. In the case of Twitter, one of fergie’s Interview is not about the procedures on numerous users at all good: “I don’t see any improvement,” is a comment. “I would demand my money back if this is the result of” an other. “You should dismiss your surgeon. It has done no good work,” says a User.

“speak, Sarah Ferguson, about her connection to Epstein, please?”

The Ex-wife of Prince Andrew is also criticized, because they spoke of the interventions of all of the Beauty and in the Text of the “Daily Mail” prominently the Name of their Doctor and their clinic was. “Can Sarah Ferguson talk about their connection to Epstein, please? Your cosmetic operations are not of interest to you. Fergie, were you paid for this disclosure?”, asks a User.

Prince Andrew is implicated in the abuse scandal to American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (†66) and provide for months of headlines. The Ex-husband of Fergie denies, of Epstein’s sexual crimes, have to know. Multiple women accuse Prince Andrew, however, also abuse. Fergie and Prince Andrew still have a close relationship: in the past few months, rumors of a love Comeback circulating at all.

“it Has issued in favour of Epstein’s 20’000 dollars?”

is That Fergie has a history with Epstein, is well-known: Epstein was convicted in 2008 for abuse of minors, and 13 months in prison, sass, lent her around 19’000 Swiss francs, so that you can pay off private debts. Fergie said in 2011: “I deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein had to do in any way with me. I condemn paedophilia and abuse of children and know that this was a giant miscalculation on my part.” After fergie’s Beauty confession can’t resist a Twitter User nasty comments: “it Has issued in favour of Epstein’s 20’000 dollars?”, a Post is. (kad)