The Landi members and farmers can look forward to once again a success of participation.

the net proceeds of The Fenaco increased by 8.1 percent to 6.77 billion Swiss francs. To the growth of all business areas (Agricultural, food, retail, energy/Miscellaneous) a contribution, the group announced on Wednesday.

the growth was also Supported by the Acquisition of the grain trading activities of the Swiss Grana Group.

The operating result before interest and taxes (EBIT) reached in the last year, 131 million Swiss francs, which represents an increase of almost 7 percent compared to the previous year. The company’s profit grew by almost a third to 130 million, primarily due to the sale of two sites in Herzogenbuchsee, and in the municipality of Hitzkirch.

The good result, both the farmers as well as the Landi-members benefit. After you have been involved in the past year, on the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the company of Fenaco, with over 30 million Swiss francs over gift packages and Interest rates for the first time, on success, should you get this year, a portion of the profits promised to the group.

Fenaco employees by the end of 2018 a total of 10 179 employees, about 120 more than the prior year period. The number of member cooperatives decreased further to 186 of 192. (SDA)