Could live with Luiza B. (†34) yet? This question Sibel Arslan (39) since the grey attack seeds will float to the young mother. On the last Monday Ilir B. (37) had killed his wife Luiza in Dietikon, ZH brutal – because she had separated from him.

The fate of Luiza B. is not an isolated case: Every two weeks, a woman dies in Switzerland by the Hand of a man. Arslan, who sits for the Basel Greens in the national Council, calls for action at last. You want people who have ban for domestic violence Rayon or Contact, be monitored via GPS in real time.

Sommaruga delivery 2015

Both the potential perpetrators of violence, as well as be a victim of GPS would wear a transmitter, such as an ankle cuff or bracelet. The woman’s husband would be close to, would trigger an Alarm and the police alerted. In the autumn session, Arslan will submit a corresponding proposal, as the “Sunday newspaper” reported.

Spicy: Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga (59), at that time still in the Department of justice, suggested this real-time Monitoring already in 2015. She saw many advantages:

could be triggered In case of a breach of the prohibition of Contact immediately a police operation.The vulnerable Person might be informed by the Monitoring center via telephone, in order to bring in security.The vulnerable Person could send a SOS Signal.

However, Sommaruga did not catch on – because the cantons slowed down. They feared, above all, a such complete control would cause exorbitant costs. Now a stripped-down Version comes. Starting in 2022, the foot-shackle to be used for perpetrators, the data will not be collected in real-time. This means that The movements are recorded, but not evaluated immediately. The potential victim is not informed about the dangerous proximity of her agoniser.

“We would have had to prevent the murder”

This is a tiny, but not a sufficient step, says Arslan to VIEW: “Why there needs to be a real-time monitoring, show cases such as the death of Luiza B. All we can do now, is to punish the offender. However, we would have had to prevent the murder.”

For the cost argument of the cantons they have no understanding: “strangely enough, we have for all kinds of money – just not for the protection of women,” she complains. “I don’t accept that, if human lives count for less than cost.”

Fiala calls for the best possible protection of the victims

support Arslan of women from all the major parties. With the finances, it is argued, triggers about FDP-women-President Doris Fiala (62) “greatest misunderstanding”. “Switzerland has supported the fight against domestic violence for many years, generous – in the Council of Europe. All the more incomprehensible that in its own country is stonewalling,” says the Zurich national councillor, dedicated for years to the fight against Stalking. “It is clear: To 100 percent to prevent such tragic incidents. But you have to create the legal foundations for the best possible protection!”

Also, CVP national councillor Andrea Gmür-Schönenberger (55) says: “It can’t be that for reasons of cost measures is that people can save lives.”

Linker Support for Arslan comes from the SP national councillor Flavia water drop (40). The new law will improve a lot. “But for cases where there is a high risk of Violence, we need to discuss the real-time monitoring it is vital. Because as tragic killings of women to terminate in most cases.”

More prevention

Already in the “Sunday newspaper” had SVP national councillor Andrea Geissbühler (43) engage the use of the foot in high-risk cases, as a useful means. “Most of the time we can intervene only when something has happened,” said the policewoman.

The women also agree that it is not done with Surveillance alone. “We need to end the spiral of violence”, writes about the water fall. What it takes, white Arslan: “More focal points to which women can turn to more violence prevention, more resources for the police in this area.”

Other countries are aware of the GPS real-time monitoring to protect victims of domestic violence from any further harm. In Spain, for example, be used been banned since the year 2006, electronic devices for the enforcement of contact and Rayon. With great success: According to statistics, the number of homicides of women has fallen by a Partner or Ex-Partner to 8.7 percent.

GPS is also monitored in some German States. However, it is redundant, and vulnerable to violent and sexual offenders (and offenders) met. Also in cases of domestic violence. The Joint electronic surveillance centre of the country analyzes the data around the clock.

Approaching the monitored Person, contrary to judicial instructions to his victim, is warned first by a vibration alarm. You ignored the Alarm, inform the employees of the Monitoring center immediately to the local police. In General, the foot restraint is ordered by the court for five years. The cost alone for the monitoring point came in the years 2011 and 2012, to just over 2.5 million euros.

the French code of criminal procedure provides for a GPS-Monitoring – however, for the potential victim. This is wearing an electronic bracelet, it can request a button in a dangerous situation, help.