they Had terminated the age of 27, your safe Job, to be still a professional Athlete? Would you be moved in with 27 back in with her parents? That’s exactly what Marlen Reusser, a year ago. With the ultimate goal of the 2020 Olympic games. A goal that can be due to the Corona-crisis and the cancellation does not reach.

Quarrels the female cyclist, now with the destiny? “No,” makes it clear right at the beginning of the conversation, “for athletes, the whine now, I’m missing the understanding. Health is the most Important. Because it doesn’t matter if competitions are cancelled.”

It Reusser in Tokyo would have counted to the Swiss medal candidates. It was the culmination would have been an exceptional career. She grew up on a farm in Hindelbank, BE. With 22 you can join the local Bicycle touring club. At 25, she solves her first racing license and 2017 will drive right off the bat Swiss champion in the time.

paralysis after horror accident

But already a year later, everything is almost over. It crashes during a race is difficult. The injuries are serious. Fracture of the fifth lumbar vertebra and the pelvis. You no longer feel your feet. Has Symptoms Of Paralysis. “Fortunately, I have not experienced this myself so bad,” she says today, “I was relieved with strong painkillers. It was only afterwards I thought: “This could have gone in the pants.””

In that time, Reusser is still an Amateur athlete and works part-time as a physician assistant. In February 2019, you announces the and full racing drive. “To be able to with the world’s best match, had to be. Both side by side was not possible.” Such a decision took courage? “No! It doesn’t work with the Sport, I would very quickly find a good Job.”

For the national

to run, they pay for themselves. Last June, she wins at the European Games in Minsk Gold. And since this season she receives from her new Team Bigla-Katusha even a wage. “If you live modestly, you can go through the rounds,” says Reusser, who was a candidate last fall for the young Green for the national Council.

Reusser seems to be at peace with yourself. The Olympic rejection will not throw you so off track.

it Remains to be resolved is a question: How is it to withdraw with 27 home? Together with your friend Badreddin Wais, a Syrian cyclist who came as a refugee in Switzerland. “It is great because it is so beautiful here in the country.”