With name-calling and insults knows Fanny Clavien (33). “I was recently on the road, a man came up to me. He covered me with vicious words. Said I was not a woman – because that’s the way how I would look like a real woman.” Such incidents are the exception, be the female bodybuilder from Miège, VS explained. Much more common outrage, and start pouring in the Internet about you, however. “Then, when Newspapers like the LOOK or “20 minutes” something about me on Facebook.”

Clavien notes immediately: “This is not a criticism of the media. On The Contrary.” You should be glad, if you and your Sport is reported. Only in this way prejudices and barriers could be overcome. “Unfortunately, the Image of bodybuilding in Switzerland is not particularly good. A lot of my ugly, Doping, not a Sport.” In the United States is quite different, so Clavien.

the reason: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before he became a movie star and Governor of California, he was the best Bodybuilder in the world, was named in 1967 and 1969 for Mister universe. “The Americans have dealt much earlier with Bodybuilding. Mainly the Terminator was Schwarzenegger’s first.”

The bad Image of their sport are not deterred by Clavien. On the contrary, she is fire and flame for it. “Of course, it comes to muscles. But also to harmony, to Balance. If you want to be the Best, you have to work daily to you. In the weight room, in the diet, in the recovery. For many, Bodybuilding is not just a Sport, but a way of life.” In the conversation you can feel immediately: The same applies to you.

Three times Karate champion of Europe

Clavien made 25 years of Karate, was three times European champion. And in Wakeboarding, it was the Best in Europe. And for the last three years of Bodybuilding. A other sports is not likely to follow soon. Clavien dedicated to your Sport, was 2018 Miss Universe in the IBFA Federation. Sporty it runs around. Criticism there are mainly on other levels. Many think she was feminine enough. Clavien says: “femininity is for me, not something Physical, but a state of mind. You can be big, small, thick or thin – if you feel female, you are the. It is not the company that defined the but only to the Person himself. I feel so feminine like never before.”

Fast Food, there is no more

In October, the next competitions are for Clavien. Long as she keeps to a strict diet plan. “In Karate, I could be a week before the Race, sick or just eating Fast Food – I won anyway. When Bodybuilding what is not in it, otherwise I wouldn’t have a chance. I look daily on my body.” On the question of when you’ve last ate a Pizza, says Clavien with a smile: “I know it. This is a good sign.”

money is not a Motivation for Clavien. At least not as a female bodybuilder. “It is very difficult to earn in Switzerland something.” That’s why she works as a Personal trainer, and is happy to pass on their Knowledge. The question remains: How does she deal with hostility? “I’m not wasting my energy, let it bounce off. If my family and friends but faced with insults, it hurts me, too.”