Normally, the native intra-Swiss Julia Foery (29), lifting Weights for up to six hours a day, to be in Bodybuilding competitions successfully. The Jury, prior to the fitness instructor must today in Geneva, is the film Academy. For her role in “Pearl” Foery nominated in one of the king categories as best actress for the Swiss film prize.

“social norms blow up”

Director Elsa Amiel (40) wanted to shed light on with your work, the previously unknown to the Bodybuilding scene. In Foery, she found the perfect occupation. “At first I was a little skeptical because I was with the processes,” says this, “but that has settled quickly. I could imagine now good to be back in front of the camera.” “Pearl” has already caused at the Solothurn film festival in January caused a sensation. “The work is exciting because it breaks the social norms,” says festival Director Seraina Rohrer (41). A Triumph in Geneva, but it would be a big Surprise. As a favorite of Sarah Sophia Meyer (35) in “Zwingli”.