Fell the whole world! The Russians help each other during the quarantine

General mobilization. Someone pours free coffee. Someone willing to give the hotel a hospital ward. The Russians are willing to help in the fight against coronavirus.

Distributed several hundred hot meals: soups, main dishes and desserts. And promises to continue. A noteworthy gesture of goodwill, Moscow restaurateur. Distributes food at the airport “Vnukovo” the poor foreigners, who were returning Home — in the CIS countries — in transit through the Russian capital. And stuck in the sterile area of the hub due to the coronavirus.

on the one hand, private episode. On the other — an occasion to talk about the whole trend. And how in the spread COVID-19 required a total mobilization of domestic entrepreneurs in order to fight a dangerous infection. Initiatives and proposals of all kinds.

Here, for example, one of the largest Russian retailers have already decided to provide free delivery of daily necessities, without any service charges. Another manufacturer of healthy food — has launched a concessional monthly rations for those who find themselves in forced isolation.

Although this is not the limit. Since outlines of a much more ambitious and, in other word, an unprecedented humanitarian action.

Billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev invited the authorities of Moscow to use all its hotels to combat coronaviruses. On average, for the needs of physicians and hospitals, according to Gutseriev, are available all housing more than 2,000 rooms which can be temporarily converted to medical staff and patients with a mild form of coronavirus.

In many Russian cities, officials send their official cars medical services. The measure needed, and timely, according to the regions where a load on a medical transport, there are some problems.

Social responsibility, and citizenship of each — just so we canbut out of this serious viral time with minimal loss experts say. And really, it is! Here is an example of two brothers, owners of a small coffee shop on wheels for several days now on duty at Sheremetyevo airport and totally free make coffee for doctors, welcoming the flights in one of the busiest hubs of Europe.

According to the guys, seeing how hard it is necessary doctors, they just couldn’t stay away.

don’t stay aloof and largest private hospitals, along with municipal and Federal medical organizations, they are willing to take an active part in the events for the diagnosis of coronavirus, namely, the sampling of biological material in clinics and conducting research in their own laboratories. Big deal.