A close family member in the Smith family could in February not more, but now a new four legged to be specific friend ready to give love in the home.

The previous ‘Denmark has talent’host and farttossede ‘Top Gear’host Felix Smith had at the beginning of February to take his leave with a close family member.

‘tomorrow we say goodbye to Marley. He has been my companion through thick and thin for the past 14 years, and is now waiting hundehimlen. I am shattered into a thousand pieces, but the decision is taken. He has arthritis and can’t go any more.’

‘Thank you to all of you who have been with to give him the best dog’s life, one could get. R. I. P my beloved friend,’ writes Felix on his Instagram.

Marley is known by many danes as he, in 2015, had his own tv program titled ‘Who said awards’, where the golden labrador went right into the danes ‘ hearts.

Felix Smith, who, along with girlfriend Marie, his sons Richard and Arthur, I already miss here a month after parting with the Marley a four legged to be specific a friend of the family.

‘I miss my dog,’ writes Felix in an Instagram posting, where he at the same time trying to persuade Marie to a new dog.

Just six hours after the advertisement is made, records of Felix a new posting, where he shows the family’s new dog forward.

‘Thank you for all your loving pressure, and good vibes. It worked. New family member to arrive at the 31. march.’

‘Enestre requirements from Marie was that the name of Robert Redford, so it is called the therefore.’

The new family member is a black Cocker Spaniel male.

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