At the end of the summer, RTL shows the ugly side of Germany’s favorite island of Mallorca. Where drugs are sold, police officers are bribed and fake goods are sold. That’s sensational – and doesn’t bring too many insights.

“Uncomfortable” and “undesirable”, we learn, feel the RTL journalists on Mallorca. That’s for a reason. The reporters do not want to show the sunny side of the Balearic island, but present a film entitled: “Drugs, red light, rockers: the criminal fight for our favorite island of Mallorca”. Head of the team is Felix Hutt. And so that you can immediately understand that this is not just any fair-weather reporter, his brand name is “Felix Hutt investigative.”

We experience Son Banya. The ghetto near Palma is also known as the “drug supermarket”. A police officer explains that “cocaine, heroin and marijuana are sold” here for 24 hours. Felix Hutt says: “I’m nervous.” In fact, you don’t want to get to know this area better. However, the supposed dealers feel like victims. “We live here like animals,” says one. And: “The image does not correspond to the truth.” Here, drug money is even concreted in large quantities as a precaution. “We’re leaving the field,” says Hutt. Only to come back undercover months later. He takes the number 18 bus to Son Banya with people who shop for drugs. In between, the advertising block “Greenpeace” advertises for donations to save the world.

Everything is lurid, and reporter Felix Hutt stages himself to the best of his ability. Of course, if you want, you can see the “other Mallorca” in this post. But many texts are just banal. “The more alcohol in the blood, the worse the behavior,” we hear. And: “Despite his very casual outfit, he seems tense.” And, also that: Why does reporter Hutt actually hug his interlocutor Nathalie, a former forced prostitute?

By the way, there was grumbling in the run-up to the RTL show: the so-called singer Isi Glück just announced that she felt her homeland pulled through the dirt. She thought they wanted to shoot a cheerful, friendly piece about Malle. And a journalist saw herself robbed of her idea and approached RTL. But that’s just by the way. Because RTL wants to show the dark side properly. In the “Megapark” where Isi Glück demonstrates her skills, the “Godfather of Mallorca” reigns supreme. Mr Cursach was arrested in 2017. But instead of years in prison, he was released after a year and a half. Among other things, he is said to have bribed police officers – with money and with parties including prostitutes and drugs. A short statement for the investigative journalists: “I didn’t do anything. You can’t blame me.” Cursach is seen slapping a guest outside the door. This leads Felix Hutt to the safe assumption that this person is not on the safe side in terms of character. You don’t learn much more about the so-called godparents. Just the assessment of the investigative reporter: “You don’t want to live here,” says Hutt. “You don’t expect that in Mallorca.”

Ex-“Bachelor” Andrej Mangold – who apparently stands for the finding that too much bad luck is incapacity – has drifted more into the shadows on Mallorca. The reality “star” bought into malls. He wanted to start a special kind of club with business partners. The name says it all: “Hello”. If that isn’t even a veritable hello! Mangold have guests in mind who sometimes make a minimum consumption of 2,500 euros. But who actually works there? Apparently in the security area, members of the United Tribunes, known for drugs, gang wars and other criminal activities. One reads in Internet reviews of brutal attacks by security guards on club guests. Broken noses, black eyes, headbutts. What does Andrej Mangold say about the bad ratings? He suspects the German “culture of envy”. But after only four months – and that seems to be a result of the RTL research – the club partner Mangold withdraws. Good bye instead of hello. There was also a smooth press statement afterwards: “I underestimated the workload and because of various other projects I simply can’t find enough time to meet my demands.” That sounds good.

At the end, Felix Hutt rolls the suitcase to the car. He then says meaningfully into the camera: “I will not return as an innocent tourist.” I dare the not very steep thesis: millions of Mallorca tourists will feel less guilt in the future.

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