The new corona virus can be in the air for a distance of 4 meters. That’s according to a study that was done in a field hospital, in China Wuhan, and on Friday, it was published by the Us health agency CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The study, however, only in the presence of the virus, detection, and not to the amount of viable virus remaining in the particle is located. It is, therefore, not because of the virus, for a distance of 4 meters, can be overcome if the patient sneezes, or exhales, the particles will also have someone to be able to attack.

the Chinese investigators between February 19 and march 2, samples are taken at the reanimatieafdeling 15 patients at a field hospital in Wuhan, and also in section 24 of less sick patients were. They took samples from the floor and, sure, perfect, and the edges of the beds, masks for the patients, the protection covers of the nurses, the fans in the wall and out of the air at different places in the room.

“The SARS-CoV-2 virus was widely spread in the air and on the surfaces of the objects in the reanimatiedienst, and in the general section, which points to a possible increased risk of infection for the human resources for health, and the other people who are there for the patients,” said the researchers.

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the Shoe disinfects:

In the intensievezorgafdeling were the objects, which are more contracted in the other section. The virus was mainly found in the sure, rubbish bins, make the beds, and the door handles. But also in the sandals of the health care providers were the virus is found. “We encourage health care providers to instruct their shoe leather to disinfect it before the sections leave COVID-19 in-patients are located.” Also, encourage them to bring in surgical masks are first contaminated before they are thrown away.

researchers also found traces of the virus, at a distance of 4 m from the patient, which can be proved, that the virus has been so far, you can move it around.

The virus is largely transmitted by relatively large drops, when you cough or sneeze. But, we can also produce tiny droplets when talking, or breathing, and the scientists do not agree on whether there is sufficient virus may be present in microscopic droplets in order to get someone to infect them.

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