The Motivation for “celebrity Big Brother” to participate, it is mainly the money. In addition to the 100’000 euros, the winner ends up with at the end, each celebrity and his Gage. Some of these Stars need the money obviously more urgent than others.

above All, Ginger Costello Wollersheim (33). Around 30’000 Euro debts to you have according to the “image”. Currently, an order for payment to be running against you, a second has been set. Therefore, it is monitored by a collection company long-term. Gingers man, red light legend Bert Wollersheim (68) is the fault is known and explained: “The are had brewery debts of the pub, the Ginger with her Ex-boyfriend. My insolvency administrator takes care of it. We will pay for it.”

Joey Heindle of Management exploited

singer Joey Heindle (26) already has experience with debt. In 2016, he had to open a bankruptcy procedure. According to an official statement, he had been of his Management exploited. In the meantime, he’s supposed to be private broke. This is likely to change now, because he has plans with his girlfriend, the Swiss ice Princess Ramona Elsener (27), to be in Switzerland.

The third man, the vulture is a TV Detective Jürgen Trovato (57). He also made the acquaintance of a bankruptcy procedure. In 2006, he owed the IRS just under 60’000 euros.

A money boost could tolerate the rest of the nine Stars, probably. In our gallery you can find out what will earn the residents of the “celebrity Big Brother” with her participation. (bsn)