the Incident occurred on 20 June at the home arena of the Moscow club. The red and white fans, as a number of colleagues in other cities, carried the team for the match against Arsenal, blocked the road to the stadium. They lit fireworks and chanted chants to support the team. Later, the interior Ministry opened a criminal case on the fact of hooliganism. The result has been detained several dozen fans, who soon will be indicted. Fans red and white were supported by the fans of other clubs, and football club “Spartak” has addressed to law enforcement bodies with the request to refrain from prosecution of fans.

Leonid Fedun wrote a letter to the Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Gorovoy. In it, he encouraged it to consider the circumstances of the detention of the fans, who in fact are not disturbed during the action.

“I Appeal to you on behalf of the Board of Directors of football club “Spartak-Moscow” in connection with the possible criminal prosecution of Spartak fans, accompanied the team for the match in Tula. Action fans were focused exclusively on supporting their favorite team. People are so hungry for football, and how “hurt” they are not so much due to the limitations associated with the pandemic coronavirus. We believe that such actions fans can not and should not be classified as hooliganism”, – the letter says Fedun.

Fedun said that the fans did not allow swearing, and the action was carried out in a deserted place.

“our firm belief, chanting traditional slogans of “Spartak” without the use of profanity, the use of fireworks in a deserted place outside the territory of the “Open arena” and briefly, within one minute, the overlap of the passage adjacent to the stadium site, which de facto is used only by employees of the club and the football team did not represent public danger. A similar rally was held by fans of other clubs in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Rostov, and was widely viewed as a colorful and positive element of fan culture. In all these cases, actions will not cause issues from law enforcement bodies”, – the statement says Fedun.