the President of the Moscow “Spartak” Leonid Fedun has expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the Executive Committee of the Russian football Union (RFU) to host the semifinal match of the Cup of Russia with the participation of his team and the St. Petersburg “Zenith” in St. Petersburg.

Previously held the Executive Committee of the RFU, in which it was pointed out a mistake in the rules of the Cup of Russia. In the end, it was decided to use in identifying the owner of the field the former scheme under which the game will be held in St. Petersburg.

“They say that in the rules was a mistake. So we decided to play the semi-final in St. Petersburg. But the situation exists. And change the rules of the course, in my opinion, absolutely wrong. As I said, I voted against it. A large number of people abstaining”, – quotes the Russian “Sport-Express”.

In his opinion, “Zenith” is a heavyweight in the Russian football, so “any queries are pressed”. “Unfortunately, I have no doubt about it. And then remained only Vilkova to put on the refereeing… And then all of them will be good,” said Fedun.