an Average of nine months will take the job search on the Swiss labour market for the unemployed, the 50. Year of age have passed. In the case of the 15 – to 20-Year-old the search on average is only three months. Who falls in the elderly from the labour market, it must stretch for arg to get to a new Job.

in Addition, older workers are discriminated against: “Some employers in some industries, younger job applicants, for various reasons, prefer basically.” So it is in an inventory, which has given the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco), in order. This problem is obviously exacerbated by the fact that companies are increasingly automated recruitment to use method for the preselection. These lights candidate dossiers specifically on the age of the candidate point.

“So, older job seekers often have no Chance to be invited to a job interview”, the Seco at the end. Age discrimination is particularly widespread in the it, Telecom and banking industry. Also pharmaceutical and food industry would be at a disadvantage, according to Seco, the older candidate.

the Federal Council sees a need for action

On the discrimination of Ursula Kraft, Association Director of the Swiss labour market authorities, is angry: “We note in our contacts with the company regularly to ensure that the age is not an appropriate Filter, and that potential competent and experienced employees will be excluded in the end.” At the time of recruitment, it is important to take into account education, work experience, as well as the social skills of an applicant are appropriate.

That dealing with older unemployed workers is a long-standing Problem, has also recognized the Federal Council. A package, initiated by the trade unions, to calm the Situation. Thus, Regional employment agencies (RAV) to get more money, to be able to older job-seekers better support.

“We proceed from the fact that the financial resources are available until 2021,” said Daniel Lampart (47), chief economist of the Swiss Federation of trade unions. A further positive feature was that the Federal Council wants to introduce a bridging pension for fully-controlled, the unemployed aged 60 and over. Probably next spring will be discussed by Parliament.

The hole has been detected after the baby boomers

The Problem, meanwhile, the employers Association: “Switzerland needs all available hands, because of the labour shortages will accelerate in the next few years,” says President Valentin Vogt (58).

reason: the retirement wave of the baby boomers to the rolls. “It will move up in the next few years, and fewer Young people in the labour market,” says Vogt. This gap could, without an expansion of immigration, will be closed only when the domestic labour potential will be better exploited. “Being part of this potential of older workers, in addition to the women.”