The office of the attorney General (BA) aims to investigate whether Stefan Brupbacher (51, FDP) has made the violation of official Secrecy is punishable by law. He had given as Secretary-General of the Economic Affairs Commission’s internals to its current employer, Swissmem.

Before the BA may take Brupbacher, needs the FDP grant, Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter (55) the green light. A corresponding authorization request was submitted to your Department, write to the Tamedia Newspapers.

party colleagues, but not friends

Although she is a party colleague of Brupbachers, does not apply Keller-Sutter as a follower of the Zurich. Not even serious reasons speak against the opening of a procedure against Brupbacher, it is likely to rubber – stamp the investigation alone, to have not felt the allegations of advent.

Finally, Brupbachers former Boss, the free Democrat Economics Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann (67) was previously even in the case of Swissmem: Schneider-Ammann, Chairman of the Association prior to his time as a Federal councillor.

Swissmem, lobbying prompted

Brupbacher, who stood just, unsuccessfully, for Congress, has reported, according to the Report of the Tamedia Newspapers in November 2018, his current employer, Swissmem from the foreign policy Commission of the national Council (APK), the SVP national councillor Andreas Aebi (60) a Commission application was filed, which the free trade policy of the Federal government and the Swissmem-contrary to interests.

Brupbacher called on the Association to lobby against the amendment Aebis: “It would be great if you can enlighten one or other of the parliamentarians from the CVP and SVP, close to you, that the application is disastrous.” A Swissmem squad in the following days, three CVP-politicians edited, it says in the article.

In the case of preliminary investigations of the Federal Prosecutor have corroborated the allegations against Brupbacher, apparently. Violations of official Secrecy could be punished with imprisonment for a term of up to three years, but only with a money penalty.

accused person does not consider his Actions justifiable

Brupbacher himself believes that he is guilty of: “in Our opinion, was in contact with Swissmem no Offense,” he is quoted. The agenda for the meeting of the ACP was wide have been known.

in fact, economy, knowledge organizations, but also trade unions, usually quite accurately, what and how of business in the Parliament committees will be discussed that are of interest to you. Especially it is problematic, however, if administrative staff the work of the Parliament take place. (pt)