What is happening in and around the Swiss office of the attorney General (BA), here there is material for a Comedy, it would be the state politically relevant.

The Supreme criminal Prosecutor of the Confederation has been declared in the procedure against the Fifa because of his informal Meeting with football boss Gianni Infantino (49) as biased. Michael Lauber (53) defends in turn, with a bias complaint against Federal judge Giorgio Bomio (60) is met, such as the “Tages-Anzeiger” reported.

the judiciary at the Federal level, in fact, lame

Lauber justification of his bias application is placed raises questions: It is based on the fact that Bomio on the 12. June compared with SP-councillor Claude Janiak (70) negative about the Federal Prosecutor had expressed. Can Janiak exclude the fact that he was addressed as the President of the control delegation (GPDel)? “I don’t know,” he says to Sunday views. “I knew him not personally, suppose, however, that he knew who I am.” Informed he does not have the GPDel; only individual members “bilaterally and informally”.

Meanwhile, the political pressure on BA to take on. Well-known critic Alfred Heer (57), SVP national councillor and a member of the business review Commission (GPK) is. “The whole justice system at the Federal level is, in fact, paralyzed. BA, Supervisory authority and the parliamentary commissions and the Federal criminal court are now busy with themselves, during which the prosecution of the crime remains on the track,” he says.

the reduction of the office of the attorney General?

the army will file a Motion with the requirement, the BA administratively, the Department of justice under. “In addition, the money-laundering cases and other crimes are pursued by means of the cantons.” The BA must be reduced “and administratively by the Federal Council to be led”.
Sometimes the plot twists are bizarre: In the appeals chamber, in Bellinzona, which decides on Lauber complaint against judge Bomio, sits Olivier Thormann (49) dismissed – once Fifa’s chief investigator, to Lauber him in 2018 Lauber.

to recommend A of the BA dismissed the state’s attorney in the key panel of that court, the treated pre-BA cases: What are the parliamentary judicial Commission, moved in the spring to this person, remains a mystery.

A new System for the appointment of Federal judges is coming on the political Agenda: The so-called justice Initiative is concluded.

The petition calls for the occupation of the judges chairs in the future shall be decided by lot. An independent Commission of experts would have to previously check the Suitability of the interested parties, but a party affiliation would be for a Federal judge, not a condition, as is the case today.

Adrian Gasser (76) is the author of the popular initiative. He says: “We submit the certified signatures by the end of August at the Federal Chancellery.” His Committee have collected until the end of may, about 20 percent more signatures than necessary. “But we wanted to be sure that there will be enough in the end.”

At this stage the entrepreneur who himself has fought with judges, many of Strauss, for decades, has had. To Collect the signatures Gasser was also on the road and experienced the same thing, as he explains: “The Swiss people are not aware that in our country there are no absolute separation of powers, if parliamentarians and parties can have a direct impact on judges’ elections.”

Until now, no party is Adrian Gasser to the side. “But there are some politicians who have sympathy for our concerns.”