Luzi Stamm (66) is off the hook: The proceedings against the Aargau SVP national councillor for cocaine and counterfeit money will not be prosecuted by the judiciary.

The procedure due to a cocaine purchase was set by the Bern public Prosecutor’s office, to a method for counterfeit money, possession of the Federal Prosecutor’s office is not even opened, as this confirmed to Radio SRF.

Turbulent weeks

the tribe had purchased last spring in the old town of Bern cocaine on the drug trade in the Federal city, as he himself said. Although he had passed the coke on the next day the authorities showed him of the Bernese police.

a Little later came out that the tribe had incorrectly introduced money from Italy to Switzerland – for a tenant, as he said at the time to LOOK. Then, the SVP moved leash the Rice and the prescribed root, a time-out.

strain is relieved

“of course I’m glad,” responded master to the setting, and not on the basis of sampling. “But for me, it was from the beginning, of course.” He had accepted the money in his function as a lawyer, but not in circulation, but the Swiss authorities. This is not a criminal offence.

Also with regard to the cocaine possession, he had a white vest: in the case of obvious bait-and-switch purchase was not a punishable offence, so strain yourself a lawyer.

Politically, the thing is not to over

Legally, the two have seen between cases, so there’s no overtime. Politically, perhaps. So it has not nominated its cantonal party for the elections in October. Also have a seniors list, under party Mr Maximilian Reimann did not want to up root. Now he takes up with a list of their own. That he is chosen, is rather unlikely.(sf)