Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber (53) stands with his back to the wall. Because of his secret meeting with Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino (49) threaten football-fail-corruption procedures.

This brought Lauber on Thursday in a massive rebuke of his chief overseer, Hanspeter Uster (61): The Fifa has become a complex “system-relevant”, the good reputation of our law enforcement to suffer authorities.

Important method, the limitation

doesn’t threaten The Meeting with the Infantino but Lauber is the only Problem: A Central Fifa proceedings against Theo Zwanziger (73), Franz Beckenbauer (73) and other former officials of the German Fussballbunds the limitation period threatening such as the “NZZ” reported. It’s about awarding the world Cup to Germany in 2006. It takes up to twelve months, a first-instance judgment. So far, the Federal government has not charged attorney once charges.

More than 20 cases, who had taken Lauber at his inauguration in 2012 of the predecessor Erwin Beyeler (67), are not yet complete. And the pending items are stacked on the desks. 478 pending criminal investigations lists the office of the attorney General, in its annual report in 2017 – had taken Lauber, 259. Also in the ongoing preliminary investigations, there is a striking increase of 129 in the year 2016 to 334 in the following year.

A quarter of the jobs in the administrative

growth is all the more surprising, as the office of the attorney General under Lauber. Had taken it with 160 – 2017-over 224. Was expanded, particularly in the Administration: Here, the Bodies rose from 39 in 2012 to 56 in the year 2017. A quarter of the Stations has been eliminated on the administration. The number of Senior prosecutors has been reduced in the last seven years from ten to four.

questions to the eye-catching growth in the management of the Federal not answered in the legal profession. She points out that she was spun off in 2011 from the Federal administration and internal departments had to build.

says the growing call to Bergen, you, your legal contract was extended approximately to the area of international criminal law, stock market and insider trading offences and cyber crime. For method of complex international financial flows, such as the Fifa complex international cooperation is also necessary, which extend the method.