Pointed step, tight Business Uniform, sharp-edged trains – a General enters the stage. No question: Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber is in combat mode. Because Hanspeter Uster, President of the Supervisory authority and to Watchdog about Lauber and its investigators, has opened in the morning, a disciplinary investigation against him.

Now it’s Friday afternoon, and Lauber kicks back immediately: He notes that the supervision of out under President Hanspeter Uster, a relationship of trust. “That’s not even considering that I’m telling the truth, is not a disappointment, but a presumption.”

Lauber looks in to the investigation, “evoked the institutional crisis”. His words and his appearance is not only combative. You should stress that these are events of a historical character.

Lauber fights in English, French, German. A clever guy like he should so do a bunch of stupid errors? Things simply have forgotten?

Because that’s the point here. Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber can’t remember what he was at 16. June 2017 at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern. Yes, if he was even there. “I had in the year 2017, over 4000 Agenda entries,” he says.

The most important appointment of your career

That’s a lot of dates are in fact. Only problem is that This one was special. He covered the most important case of his career, the Fifa. Lauber staff will determine against corrupt officials in the global football business. The whole world is watching you, since four years ago, a number of Fifa officials in Zurich from luxury hotel Baur au Lac, directly to jail immigrants. Fifa is a private applicant. And not just any someone, but the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino has hit Lauber in Bern in person.

At two Meetings could remember Lauber. As a third was publicized, he made an ominous reminder of gap claims.

Hanspeter Uster, since the beginning of the year, the Supreme overseer of the office of the attorney General, strange everything. That is why he has opened the disciplinary investigation. Those investigation, which could endanger the Lauber re-election. On request don’t want to speak type thing.

Bank scare against Bank friend

so Far, the office of the attorney General on Mild of that, the supervising It showed, for example, in cases where there have been complaints against the office of the attorney General. This is a new, unusual sharpness.

Who raise allegations, such as abuse of office against the office of the attorney General, may request an extraordinary Prosecutor. It is used by the supervisor.

the documents, the Sunday views are available, show that Only once in the last two years have spoken of extraordinary prosecutors at all a penalty against the investigators of the office of the attorney General. 2018, the external Prosecutor, a further six did not, on the basis of opinions and two settings. In English: The Reviewer saw either no crimes, feared to be big obstacles for a method or masses of the allegations is simply to be of minor importance. In 2017 there were five on the basis of a setting.

Impeccable Federal investigators or Beisshemmungen among officials?

About the work of his predecessor Hanspeter Uster does not comment. The New just makes his Job that of the Overseer. He goes after a suspect. And he does it clearly with Verve. Insiders refer to him as the antipodes to Lauber.

Here, the Bank scare Uster, a former Marxist, has managed to train as a socialist Green in the governing Council. Of all places, in train, the international financial center, with its controversial letter box companies! On the other hand, Michael Lauber, who was prior to his work as a Federal Prosecutor and managing Director of the Liechtenstein bankers Association. So, the Bank lobbyist-not always flawless as a financial centre.

He was disappointed, so Lauber in his historic speech: “the President of The Supervisory knows me and my work!”

Perhaps it is precisely what drives the supervisors.

Not a few were expecting his resignation. Then the Federal Prosecutor laid out a very different, don’t forget dignified appearance: the fury of a snorting bull, Michael Lauber was reported on Friday against his supervisors, the hours had previously announced a disciplinary investigation. There is no more Humiliated to the audience, but a Woe – for the cozy Federal government in Bern, spoke to an unusual image.

The country is discussed by all the Parties to the forgotten and the not-logged Meet Lauber with the Fifa Boss. What bothers the Federal Prosecutor. But that his case will be publicly eviscerated, he is responsible Lauber had to push this development yourself. Unlike the predecessors, he began to use following his 2012 election, ongoing cases as a PR-Instrument.

The tactic paid off quickly: After the bloody wave of Islamist attacks in Europe had reached, announced Lauber authority media procedures against suspected jihadists. Although the successes in court have remained manageable – but the attractive prosecutors enjoyed a press coverage as a Federal Prosecutor before him: Lauber, the intrepid terrorist hunter.

in 2015, as in Zurich, the Fifa Funkionäre were arrested, followed by the climax: the Federal Prosecutor on the global stage. Lauber was a Darling to Everybody’s. The Switzerland, to question, to doubt him, it must be for him, is a huge insult.
Or should we say: lèse-majesté? the