Now it is tight for Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber (53)! The supervision over the Federal Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the Supreme law enforcers of the Federal government. The SRF reported, referring to several sources. Also LOOK to sources to confirm the opening of a disciplinary investigation.

at 15.30 Federal wants to contact attorney Michael Lauber (53) in front of the media. What will he announce? His Resignation? Or that he wants to continue to make all of the allegations, in Spite of standing against him in the room?

both is Impossible Lauber. Two weeks ago, the Supreme law enforcers of the country was to be self-aware and confident in the criminal proceedings in the authority against Ex-officials of the world football Association, Fifa, made no mistake. “I mean, I’m part of the solution,” he said in the air of the Saturday review of Radio SRF. “As soon as I have the feeling that I was part of the problem, am I the First one is gone.”

But rather part of the problem?

But the signs, that Lauber is part of the problem is condensed. The allegations that he had violated the law, because he was Meeting with the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino (49) and has not logged in, and now the suspected violation of official Secrecy. Because the upper Valais Prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold (43) also took an impartial third party to the Meeting between Lauber and Infantino part (EYES reported).

he Throws the charm?

With the disciplinary procedures Lauber in the worst case, warning, reprimand, or even a temporary pay cut to threaten. The grössre threatening trouble Lauber but by the Parliament, which must confirm Lauber of this year for four more years. Next week the decisive meeting of the court held the Commission, the Lauber re-election is recommended or not.

Perhaps the Federal Prosecutor of this humiliation today before he will not seek re-election.