On Wednesday, he was able to breathe a sigh of relief: The United Federal Assembly, confirmed the Federal Prosecutor Lauber (53) just in his office. His re-election was to have been other than, of course, Lauber was not logged Meeting with Fifa chief Gianni Infantino (49) in the cross fire of the criticism.

Lauber-Intimus the author

is a Document, it has not reported the Bernese otherwise so – at least to the outside world: such As the “Aargauer Zeitung” and Michael Lauber in Secret for well over three years on a book to write. Then, in mid-2016, the legal services chief and Lauber-Intimus Jürg Blaser in Pension. “Blaser writes on behalf of Lauber a book, he will be busy over the Board and beyond”, had reported an Insider of the “AZ”. The office of the attorney General (BA) confirmed it at the time.

The publication of the book, “will be devoted to the historical development as well as the mechanisms of BA from the beginning will set out today,” was planned for the time of the move of the U.S. attorney’s office in new offices.

Paid Lauber the book with taxpayers ‘ money?

the officials Moved long ago to the Berne Guisanplatz. And the book? Has it stopped the project because of distress-advised Federal Prosecutor about? How high is the Budget? And, more importantly, Who paid for the work?

A request with the office of the attorney General shows: Michael Lauber plays with his book project of hiding. Answers to the questions there of the official page hardly. Information on Budget, content, or author? Nothing since, apparently, everything is strictly secret. Only something BA spokeswoman spokeswoman Walburga Bur said: “the book on the Federal attorney’s office in processing.” (vfc)