The Federal Prosecutor’s office (BA) has drawn up the balance sheet for 2018. Striking is the low number of submitted charges: ten piece. In the previous year, there were twice as many. And in other years there were more.

in order for the activity report 2018, which critics complain at the BA under the direction of Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber (53) confirmed: opened procedure to procedure, at the end it brings only a few. Not to mention Victories in court.

more staff

As the Declaration of the BA’s called “increasingly complex and more extensive criminal investigations”. And in his Preface, Lauber says, is the number of complex criminal cases will continue to rise – “at the same time stagnating resources.”

Here, the staff increased the inventory of the BA last year to 238 employees, the share of 229 full-time jobs. How to VIEW reported, had Lauber assumed the authority with 160 Points.

A BA expert who wants to remain anonymous, expresses himself thus: “I once had a forest. Especially like I hit trees. This smooth out was not my thing.” Remained a “mess”. So similar to the look below Lauber of BA: “If it’s on somewhere shady foreign money is run through a Swiss Bank account is opened for a procedure.” So more staff can be useful to nothing.

legal experts criticize the Meeting without note

but Above all, Lauber stands in the criticism, because he had met with different cases, with representatives of a page – without the need to create a file note of it. Various legal experts, such as former state Prosecutor of the Federation, Lienhard Ochsner (66) and the supervision of the BA agree that the.

And Lauber had to give need to have three times and not, as it claims, twice with Fifa Boss Gianni Infantino (49). He could not remember but he said on Radio SRF.

Cause doubt as to Lauber for the postponement of the election?

The judicial Commission of the Parliament has to decide mid-may whether Lauber may be proposed for election or whether the election must be postponed.