It happened six years ago. In 2013, Sandro V. (33) to be in Syria of the IS fighting force Jaish Al-Muhajirin Wal-Ansar have joined the NZZ writes. Now the office of the attorney General (BA) accuses him, together with a Swiss-Macedonian dual citizenship: upon his return, he has acted as a Salafist leader and is in contact with the other IS to Recruit from Europe confessed to have propaganda material, and is in the possession of the portrayal of violence.

Sandro V. belongs to the Winterthur Salafist scene. He has already bragged, to be a Prince or a leader, a so-called “Emir”, the “Rundschau” reported. Sandro V. denies the fighting. He had only distributed relief goods.

in October of 2016, Sandro V. was sentenced to a conditional monetary penalty because of multiple fraud.

investigation has been running since February 2015,

the second defendant recruited according to the charges for the IS. The Swiss-Macedonian dual citizens residing in Frauenfeld are mainly laid support or participation in the criminal organization IS and multiple violations of the prohibition of depictions of violence to the load.

He’s supposed to be traveling to Syria through Macedonia into Syria, the IS to connect, say it in the media release. In Macedonia he was detained by the local police authorities of the journey. The BA sees it as proven that he has recruited a Person for the IS.

the investigations of The BA were already running since February 2015. What is the Penalty you demand, it will only announce at the main hearing.