Federal President Ueli Maurer has suffered this week, tidy the media beating. To His omissions about the case of the murdered Saudi Dissident Jamal Kha-shoggi are ill-advised at best, but more likely simply cynical.

However, the Federal President knows how to help: Because Donald Trump had been to the WEF in Davos, remote, the media “other things tried hyping it,” said Maurer to a Radio SRF – to try it then with irony: He doesn’t know, Mason, that you can’t criticize the media, which are, after all, “infallible than the Pope”. The simple message of the SVP Federal Council to his listeners: you are the journalists. More than one Federal Council, the words in the mouth turn over, do not bring the profession into existence.

Who, if not Mason, could a credible report worthy of media outrage: he spared but even at the top of his SVP hardly a provocation in order to achieve exactly this effect. But, once in the Federal Council arrived, argued it, of course, is more nuanced.

the Federal President performs just the Absence of Trumps in the field, still marked a very special Pointe. The American President is rampant in unpleasant article as a “Fake News”, critical journalists as “enemies of the people”.

The big Trump-the Show was this year. For one of his infamous numbers, the critique of the media with the wooden hammer, held in Davos, but a veritable substitute.