Many Swiss mountain Railways are struggling to Survive. Only a third of the plants can rely on when investing on their own financial strength; two-thirds have to rely on loans or the Adoption of a deficit. The Confederation and the cantons shall encourage investments in the mountain paths, among other things, by funds from the New regional policy (NRP).

Sunday view the latest Figures: Since the introduction of the NRP 2008, the Federal government paid to mountain rail projects, almost 200 million Swiss francs as a loan, or à fonds perdu.

200 million Swiss francs, which will be controlled by the cantons beige Add to that at least, it seems the law on New regional policy.

To stay competitive

The Federal Seco for NRP projects, is responsible. On request it is there: “In the projects it comes to new closures or replacement investments, but about the fact that the critical Size is reached.” The goal is to keep the offer competitive internationally.

Striking: Among the approved projects, many relate to the production of artificial snow: a Total of 22 million francs to the Confederation for snow guns, reservoirs, or water lines paid.

For the protection of the Alps organisation, Mountain Wilderness Switzerland, has met with criticism: “Federal funds for snow cannons to delay the Problem only, and are fuelling climate change by the high power consumption,” says CEO Maren core.

The money should be invested instead in the promotion of sustainable tourism. With investments in snow making the winter sport places to secure the start of the season between Christmas and new year, the industry Association of Swiss cableways (SBS).

Up to 25 percent of annual sales over the festive season

to benefit from in the resort, all service providers, such as Andreas Keller from SBS says: “The holidays are extremely important for the whole resort. In these few days, the mountain Railways up to 25 percent of their annual turnover to achieve alone.”

Therefore, it is important, says Keller, the winter sports resorts are able to open the main slopes with no snow: “Two -, three-season starts in a row without snow can, under certain circumstances, that the Railways receive massive financial problems.” And in the end even have to close.