The Federal Network Agency recommends building more gas storage facilities in Germany. He expects fatigue effects when saving gas. “When it gets really frosty, the storage tanks are quickly drained,” says Klaus Müller, head of the authorities.

In view of the gas crisis, the Federal Network Agency recommends the speedy construction of further storage facilities in Germany. After the 1970s, the West built up strategic oil reserves, said head of the authorities Klaus Müller to the “Spiegel” in an interview published on Friday. “Similarly, we will need it today for gas, tomorrow for green hydrogen.” The construction of such storage takes three to four years. You have to start today to be able to use them from 2025. “We should modernize and supplement our storage facilities in such a way that every Prime Minister can say to his local economy: Our region is well prepared,” said Müller.

The head of the authorities renewed his appeal to consumers and companies to save gas. In Germany, for example, there was a fatigue effect after the first corona wave. “And I’m afraid of that again this time,” said Müller. A few bitterly cold days were enough for a dramatic increase in gas consumption. “When it gets really frosty, the storage tanks are quickly drained.”