climate, climate, climate – the issue is currently at the top of the Agenda. And it should, in the future, the Swiss development aid more space. A new proposal from the kitchen of the foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (58) provides that the financial resources to combat climate change, from the current 300 million to be increased to a new 400 million Swiss francs per year.

the Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA) is responding to the criticism of the original from Ignazio Cassis planned realignment of development aid. The EDA plans were originally that Switzerland spends 350 million francs a year for climate projects. “In the consultation process, the desire was expressed that we invest more money in climate protection,” said Manuel Sager (64), Director of the Directorate for development and cooperation (SDC). The request came about.

“The claim was also made that we get the money to other areas of development assistance, but also to invest,” says Sager. According to Figures from the Federal government by 2050, around 140 million people could be migrants to Climate. Switzerland has an interest to combat these Climate refugees.

More money for development aid

Altogether, Cassis, between 2021 and 2024, exactly 11.4 billion Swiss francs to spend for development aid. That’s the equivalent of 0.45 per cent of Swiss economic output – and is less than the Parliament’s fixed ratio of 0.5 percent.

According to frequently deposited in the parties, cantons and associations in the last few weeks at the Outside – and the economy, the demand to fill the purse for the development aid Department. With the planned increase of the climate funds for this request a little.

retreat from South America

Otherwise, the EDA holds on to his plans: Switzerland wants to focus development assistance on fewer countries and from South America to withdraw. The four points – the creation of jobs, the fight against climate change, reducing irregular Migration and peacekeeping tables hard it is to want to hold on to.