The state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) has to make public, what are the arms companies export applications. The Federal court is based in a published judgment, the decision of the Federal administrative court.

This came in March of last year, concluded that an increased public information of interest to the controversial and, in principle, subject to authorization of war material exports.

control is the task of the media

The exports could be the subject of controversial debates in Public and politics. The media made a significant contribution to the control of governmental activities, wrote to the Federal administrative court. It is the task of the media to report on whether the state control authorities complying with their obligations.

A Journalist from the “weekly newspaper” WOZ had submitted the application to Seco after the Emergence of hand-grenades of the Federal government’s own armor operation, Ruag in the civil war in Syria.

The Seco had denied the return of the desired data from the beginning. It took the view, according to the war material act, to be guided exclusively by the business audit Commission of the Federal Parliament on the details of the export of war material. It also made foreign and security policy reasons.

interests of Switzerland is not at risk

The the Federal court. It looks after the interests of Switzerland are not endangered. If no specific trade secrets can be invoked, it must call the Seco the name of the company.